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Renaissance Home Health Care

Welcome to Renaissance Home Health Care

Welcome to Renaissance Home Health Care

Welcome to Renaissance Home Health CareWelcome to Renaissance Home Health Care
Renaissance Home Health Care

Welcome to Renaissance Home Health Care

Welcome to Renaissance Home Health Care

Welcome to Renaissance Home Health CareWelcome to Renaissance Home Health CareWelcome to Renaissance Home Health Care


About Us



Founded in 2004, Renaissance Home Health Care is committed to providing quality home care services to the Miami-Dade County home bound community. Home bound patients are generally confined to the home without adequate care. Our agency is there to provide those much-needed skilled care services in their familiar home environment under a Doctor ordered, supervised and coordinated Plan of Care. We are a Florida Medicare and Medicaid Certified Home Health Agency, which works with Private Insurance, HMO, and Long-Term Care, providing Skilled Nursing, Private Duty Nursing (PDN), Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Speech Therapy, and Non-Skilled Home Health Aide Services. Our Agency is dedicated to offer you quality services and personal care that you need. Renaissance Home Health Care offers care to patients of all ages in the comfort of their own residence, and strives to maintain a qualified staff, willing to help meet the goals of each patient’s Plan of Care. When selecting our staff we look not only for professionalism and technical abilities, but also seek health care providers who interact with kindness and compassion and demonstrate a willingness to achieve the goals of each patient. Our agency follows and complies with all State and Federal legislative rules, standards, and conditions of participation.


 Our staff provides the very best level of service in the industry and we achieve this by fostering an environment of respect, empathy and compassionate care, providing skilled nursing and personal care in the following areas: 

Skilled Nurses (RN and LPN)

 Skilled nurses can provides wound Care management, diabetic management, Care and teaching, Cardiac Care, Respiratory Care, Post-Operative Care, Geriatric Care, Education and instruction, IV and High Tech Infusion, Administration of Intramuscular, and Subcutaneous injections, Catheter Care, Colostomy and Ileostomy Care, Parenteral & Enteral nutrition therapy, and safety measures.

Private Duty Nursing (PDN) for recipients under the age of 21.

 Our PDN’S perform skilled interventions and monitoring of patient care in multiples areas, supporting ventilator care, nasopharyngeal, tracheostomy aspiration, gastrostomy feedings, medication administration, education, and teaching parents, caregivers, or legal guardians, and others services covered under Private Duty Nursing Services, covering up to 24 hours per day, depending on their needs. 

Personal Care, Home Maker & Companion (Nursing assistant & Home Health Aide)

 Under the supervision of a registered nurse or a licensed therapist, our aides assist patients with ADL’s (Activities of Daily Living), personal care, ambulation, & transfers, assist with bathing, prepare and serve meals, light housekeeping, pick up groceries and medication from a local store or pharmacy, and assist with self-administration of  medications. 


Physical, Occupational, and Speech Therapy Services

 Our therapists evaluate each patient’s physical impairments and functional limitations to establish a plan of care in coordination with the patient’s physician in order to achieve optimal rehabilitation outcomes.  


 Occupational therapy services strive to improve the level of independence in activities of daily living, in children with attention to improve visual & fine motor skills, handwriting, upper extremities coordination, and social interaction with their peers. 


   Speech therapy services assist in improving verbal and non-verbal skills focusing on feeding, swallowing disorders, oral motor skills, articulation, cognition, language development, communicative and auditory processing for activities of daily living.   


 Physical therapy services in children build strength & improve motor function, and balance with adequate coordination, treating multiple conditions such as cerebral palsy, muscular dystrophy, autism, Genetic disorders, developmental delays and orthopedic conditions, etc. For older adults, physical therapy assists in restoring and maintaining maximum musculoskeletal function, from hip fractures to sprains and unsteady gait while helping patients restore their confidence and their ability to ambulate by themselves throughout their living environment.  

 Renaissance Home Health Care believes in the healing benefits a patient receives while being treated in the comfort of their own home, most patients who meet the criteria for home care can be benefits cost-effectively while achieving psychological and sociological benefits of in home treatments. 


Our Office Staff

 Renaissance Home Health Care is proud to have a loyal and dedicated staff that works hard to help our caregivers coordinate and provide the level of care that our patients deserve. Our people are empowered to build the professional relationships with the Physicians, Hospitals, and other affiliated Professional Health Service Organizations that we work with. All for the care of our patients and improved outcomes. 

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